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Board Books for Infant Sophisticates

By Katy Killilea


Know a baby with parents who think they’re really cool and clever? Or have your own baby with cool, clever parents? You need to know about these board books, and quickly! Foist these upon your babies before they develop their own taste in books!Petitconnoisseur

The Petit Connoisseur series, written by Karen Salmansohn and illustrated by Brian Stauffer covers the art and fashion concepts your baby needs to know in a format your baby can chew on. In the Art book, stylish collages and typefaces illustrate art world-meets-baby world terminology like “MOMA” and “Dada.” Petit Connoisseur books are more than smart. They’re also punchy and colorful–great books for a baby whose parents spent more time in sophisticated places before he or she came along.

Foodie parents will want to have any or all of the seven books in Amy Wilson Sanger’s World Snacks series in their board book libraries. When we had our first baby in 2001, we got copies of First Book of Sushi over and over again as gifts–everyone we knew thought we would want a copy, and they were right. Beguiling cut paper illustrations and gentle rhyming text like, “Miso in my sippy cup, tofu in my bowl. Crab and avocado fill my California roll” makes the books in this series no-brainers–anyone who has a baby and loves food will want these books! Available in sushi-theme and six others, featuring the cuisines of Italy, Jewish holidays, Mexico, China, “Soul” food, and India.

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All books mentioned in this review are available from Tricycle Press and cost $6.95 each.

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