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Book and Blog Review: Indexed

Review by Katy Killilea


Graphs, pie charts, and Venn diagrams – who knew they could be so hilarious? I am so grateful to have been introduced to Jessica Hagy’s blog Indexed, which makes me laugh and helps me think, and ridicules many of the things that have been asking for it, including: magnifying mirrors, overbearing parents, and snobs of many varieties.

Indexed is a blog–still going strong–but print editions of selected brilliant illustrations are now available. They are fun to read online but even better on  paper you can hold.

The  “Mom Jeans” reporter’s-style notepad is perfect for moms (with the possible exception of those who enjoy stonewashed denim) who keep lists and doodle.

Rotisserie Chicken or The Founding Fathers is a collection of postcards featuring thirty different kicky diagrams to share, and Hagy’s palm-sized Indexed puts all other humorous–allegedly humorous–little gift books to shame.underpants

The details:
Studio Publisher

Mom Jeans: A Reporter Notebook from Indexed
Chronicle Books

Rotisserie Chicken or The Founding Fathers: 30 Postcards from Indexed
Chronicle Books

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