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Book Review: LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! How a Movie is Made

Reviewed by Marcia Maynard

Pop the popcorn, pour the juice. Get ready for a G-rated book by New England resident Gail Gibbons:  Lights! Camera! Actions! How a Movie is Made.

LightsCameraActionThe story begins with an excited producer waving a book that’s destined to become a hit movie. Gibbons explains the pre-production stage of hiring script writers and casting directors and finding actors and actresses for the show. As this crew grows, designers and technicians become involved. Soon, rehearsals begin.

After months of work and rehearsals, production begins. Gibbons writes how scenes are not shot in order, but instead scenes in the same location are shot together. Eventually, after shoots and reshoots,  final scenes are selected and edited. Post-production begins. A soundtrack is added, the movie is completed, and it’s on to opening night.

What is a lengthy process in real life is summed up clearly in this 32-page children’s picture book. With her colorful illustrations, Gibbons gives detailed visual information to support and enhance her story. Young readers will understand new terms such as gaffers and camera operators. They’ll see behind the scenes and realize how many people are involved in making a movie.

Gibbons leaves her readers in the audience of opening night, just as the movie begins, wishing for a sequel to her story.

Lights! Camera! Action! How a Movie is Made
by Gail Gibbons
For grades 1-4
1985 Harper Collins
This book is out of print but available through the Ocean State Library system and on Amazon.com.

For more information about Gail Gibbons, go to www.gailgibbons.com

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