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Book Reviews for the Star Wars Obsessed

Star Wars Legos, costumes, action figures, comics, and books are multiplying in my home like rabbits. The best among these are the books: not only do they absorb a child’s interest for hours and hours, year after year, but they are easy to store and won’t hurt your bare foot if you accidentally step on one. These are the books that are the most engrossing to the fans at my house:

ultimate-visual-guidestar wars fandexobsessed-with-star-wars

Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide
By Ryder Windham
$24.99 Dorling Kindersley/DK Publishing

This large volume, filled with vivid photography and detailed text, is divided into short sections in typical Dorling Kindersley (DK) fashion. This book gets read by one or another child here at least weekly–both of my sons adore it, and they have a buddy who seems to come over specifically to peruse it. Used first as a picture book, and now as a challenging read, our copy is falling apart and appears to be an eternal favorite.

Obsessed with Star Wars
By Benjamin Harper
$29.99 Chronicle Books

A chunky tome featuring 2,500 questions to test a Star Wars fans knowledge.  Never mind that most of the questions are way too hard for my kids to answer correctly–something about this book makes them want to press on and try just one more, and just one more again. With a pedometer-sized computer (officially called the scoring module) built right into the book, this is a great gimmick to encourage a reluctant reader to stretch toward a more advanced vocabulary.

Fandex Family Field Guides: Star Wars
By Christopher Cerasi and the Editors of Fandex
$14.99 Workman

Each of this book’s 150 or so pages is cut in the shape of a Star Wars character, weapon, or vehicle. The pages are attached at one corner by a sturdy plastic screw, allowing the reader to spread the pages out like a fan–a feature that’s handy if you want to compare Chewbacca’s page to Wicket the Ewok’s, thus proving to your mother that Chewbacca is not an Ewok. Visually stunning and informative, with plenty of text and statistics for those who need to know that Luminara Unduli is 1.7 meters tall.

What’s your Star Wars fan’s favorite book? Share your recommendations with us by posting your comments. And may the force be with you.

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  • Dylan says: My favorite Star Wars book that I have so far is “DK Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Visual Guide” and “DK Star Wars: The Complete Visual Guide” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” a novelization by Tracy West about the entire story of The Clone Wars movie and more to come.

  • Ethan says: I love the Star Wars boxed set filled with books about the I-VI episodes. Trilogy written by Ryder Windham and I-III written by Patricia C. Wrede. Recommended for ages 7 and up. There are movie pictures in the middle of every book and they are chapter books.

  • PS according to my husband, star wars action news isn’t always appropriate for kids. i have never listened but moms — before allowing the kidos to listen, please investigate. thanks! xo

  • yes anisa, i am living the star wars life with you. my 6 year old actually answered a question correctly while my husband was listening to the star wars action news podcast and won a hardcover book.

    una toota solo!