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Bored with your toys? Mix it up!

By Elyse Major

Right or wrong, my children currently have more toys than I owned in my entire childhood. I guess this fact shouldn’t perplex me, given the fact that my husband collects action figures and I am a “regular” at my local craft store. That being admitted, somehow, some days my boys still can get very bored. That’s when I reach into the cupboard for some ingredients to mix things up a bit, literally.


Change the playscape a bit by adding some inexpensive pantry staples. Tired of playing with action figures, you say? Let’s pretend they’re in snow (or for you Star Wars fans: the icy planet of Hoth). Take an empty, dry container and fill it as high as you are comfortable with baking soda, salt, even sugar cubes, and watch as any toy and its owner, enjoys a little change of scenery.

Remember, if using only baking soda, the grand finale of playtime can be adding in some vinegar for a foamy spectacle.


Make sure that any toys you choose to submerge in any of these ingredients can handle being washed and don’t have too many small crevices.


Elyse Major divides her time between being a mostly stay-at-home mom, communications consultant, tinkerer, blogger and online shop owner. She dreams of having a craft and décor book published. Elyse’s efforts are cheered on by her husband and two boys in northern Rhode Island. Visit Elyse at http://tinkeredtreasures.blogspot.com

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