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Boys’ room grows up…a little

When our boys turned three, we replaced their convertible crib/toddler bed with an IKEA foam mattress and wood futon bed frame. We found the “surfer theme” cotton comforter and two pillow shams at Target and installed an IKEA star night light. Now that the boys are in first grade and reading to themselves at bedtime, we decided to make a few more “big-boy” adjustments to their room without too much effort.


– We re-arranged the boys’ beds so they each have their own “space”.
– Added a book shelf from Christmas Tree Shops to serve as a bedside table and as a place to store their stuff–favorite books, photo albums, recent library loans, current favorite CDs, and their beloved stuffed animals (the boys are not all grown up yet).
– Moved a table and chair we already owned near their bed for their “new” old Apple LCII computer (happy to say it does not connect to the internet but is loaded with writing and drawing software and math games).
– Hung up a square memo bulletin board to hold their favorite photos.
– Added a clip-on reading light from IKEA.
– Finally framed and hung print I bought last Christmas at Craftland.

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  • You have inspired us to fire up our old hot pink iMac for its painting program–thanks, as ever, for the great ideas!