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Bright Night Providence Works it’s Magic!

Kidoinfo is giving away 4 family fourpacks to attend this year’s Bright Night celebration. See details below to enter.

The artist-run, family-friendly New Year’s Eve festival Bright Night promises Bright Nightto be a most magical evening. It’s not that Harry Potter will be running around town or that that a unicorn will appear, complete with magical horn. (Although both of those would be kind of cool.) This year the main act for Bright Night is the magic/illusion spectacular IllusionQuest. A featured act at Six Flags New England for five years, master illusionist David Garrity and his team will magically appear, disappear, pass through solid objects and even float people from the audience.

Highlights from the performance include a comical illusion where David’s assistant ends up all twisted up; David also teaches a volunteer from the audience how to cut his assistant in half; and the finale features a breathtaking feat where David is chained to a table with 32 steel spikes suspended above him and he must escape before the spikes fall.

In addition to the illusion spectacular, your Bright Night ticket gets you access to over 50 other performances involving nearly 160 performers, including choirs, dance companies, comedians, clowns, puppeteers, jazz bands, a poetry slam, and a whole lot more. The schedule (which is being continually enhanced) runs from 12 noon- 12 midnight on December 31, 2009.illusionquest There’s free on-street parking or pay $9 in the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Tickets (a Tyvek wristband) are $10 if purchased before December 24. Starting December 25, tickets are $15 each, or buy a family fourpack for $50. Tickets are available online, http://www.brightnight.org, in person at the East Side Marketplace, OOP!, and all Bank RI locations, or by phone via Art-Tix at 401-621-6123.


Some would say that the magical part of Bright Night is that it will happen at all. The largest sponsor, the city of Providence, announced in mid-November that due to budget cuts, they couldn’t afford to sponsor the event. That works out to nearly 30 percent of the festival budget. The artists of Bright Night were determined not to let that deter them. The show must go on–New Year’s Eve must be saved. They’ve started a grassroots campaign called GIVE $20, TELL 10. Their goal is to get you (and 2009 of your closest friends) to give $20 and tell 10 people.

In addition, every performer of Bright Night has agreed to take a pay cut if the festival doesn’t get enough money. Talk about community spirit. So do your part, give a little and buy some tickets! To give, visit http://www.donate.brightnight.org

Want to win a family fourpack to attend the 2009 Bright Night Providence?
Tell us in the comments below: “What is your favorite tradition on New Year’s Day?”
We will randomly select 4 people to win a family fourpack (each valued at $50). Deadline is Wednesday at noon, December 23, 2009.

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  • From Lori, Cranston, RI:

    My favorite tradition is to have an early brunch with family and friends at the Coast Guard House in Narragansett, then over to the beach to cheer on those taking the New Years Polar Plunge…Just afraid that our 6 year old granddaughter will want to join them!!

  • From Diana,
    Telling stories about different New Year’s Day celebrations around the world, including different actual New Year’s days i.e. Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashana etc….

  • From Kathleen:

    In the past I have journaled on what I have accomplished and what I would like to do for the new year. As a family we did not do much. My ex-husband wanted to stay home and watch movies.

    But I am now a single parent and want to start some new holiday traditions for myself and 6-yr old daughter. I just love your web site and together, my daughter and I are enjoying many of your suggestions for weekend activities. I have also forwarded your web site to many of my friends as well. I am confident that we will be able to create a tradition for New Year’s and it will probably be based on something we will find through your site.

    Keep up the great job!

    A VERY appreciative fan and devoted mom,
    Happy Holidays!

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