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BrightStars: Raising the Quality of Child Care in Rhode Island

The early years are important for a child’s brain development and can affect how they continue to learn later on in life. That makes choosing a quality child care and early learning program very important. Finding consistent, quality child care that meets a family’s individual needs can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. SandBoxBrightStars has established a star rating system for licensed child care and early learning programs in Rhode Island helping parents make informed choices about their children’s care and early education.

BrightStars is a free, voluntary program for licensed child care and early learning programs in Rhode Island. It recognizes program quality and supports programs in their goals to improve quality. Programs can earn up to five stars. All programs participating in the program exceed state licensing standards. Participation in BrightStars involves a comprehensive assessment of program quality across standards and criteria.

Since the BrightStars program started in 2009, participation has been steadily increasing, with the largest group of BrightStars programs currently in Providence and surrounding areas. To see the list of participating programs, or to learn more about early learning quality, please visit www.BrightStars.org or call us at (401) 398-7605.

BrightStars is supported by the United Way of Rhode Island, CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, Nellie Mae Education Foundation, The Rhode Island Foundation, and the Rhode Island Department of Human Services. Partners include the RI Department of Education, RI Department of Health, and RI Department of Children, Youth & Families.

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