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Brooks Pond Buggy Blanket

Brookspond Buggy BlanketBy Maura Keating

No matter what Mother Nature dishes out, you’ll be ready to stroll with the Brooks Pond Perennial Buggy Blanket. The Brooks Pond Perennial Buggy Blanket is bunting that you can use in every season. Year round, the Buggy Blanket keeps kids happy with a layer of Thinsulate that is quilted between an interior layer of suede cloth that is soft on Baby’s skin and an exterior nylon layer that is resistant to wind and water. In winter, a removable layer of insulation works just like the duvet on your bed to keep things cozy. In spring and fall, remove the insulation for a light blanket that can zip on or off as temperatures fluctuate. With the blanket gone, the Buggy Blanket operates as a soft liner for your stroller, keeping crumbs out of crevices and thwarting stains. If it turns out that the stroller of your dreams (or the stroller that you ended up with) has a fabric that isn’t machine washable or if it isn’t convenient to remove, the Buggy Blanket keeps your stroller looking great. The Buggy Blanket is easy to keep clean with a quick spot clean or throw it into the machine for a bigger mess. The blanket, once removed, is perfect to use as a play mat in the park or a change pad on the go. A two-way zipper makes the Buggy Blanket easy on and easy off. The square bottom leaves plenty of room for feet and for kicking and Velcro tabs enable you to quickly resize the blanket. An elasticized nylon boot pouch and boot guard is sewn into the bottom of the Buggy Blanket, keeping messy shoes contained.

We visited New York City in January to see some friends on what turned out to be the coldest weekend of the year. We would not have survived the trip without the Buggy Blanket. We hurried down the unending avenues while the wind hurtled towards us unmercifully. My husband and I, cowards both, whined as we took turns hiding behind the stroller for some protection. My son, bundled in his Buggy Blanket zipped up to his chin, babbled along happily as we careened through the streets of Brooklyn seeking shelter.

With a universal fit, the Buggy Blanket works on a wide variety of strollers and looked great on all of the strollers that we tested it with, although it did distract from the clean lines of the Quinny. The Buggy Blanket is the only stroller blanket that works with B.O.B. strollers. In our Buggy Blanket (received as a gift a year ago), a drawstring keeps the liner attached to the seat of the stroller. The newest versions of the Buggy Blanket use a flap that slips over the top of the stroller to lie flat. Velcro tabs adhere the body of the liner to the stroller seat. A non-slip backing prevents the liner from sliding. Narrow slits in the fabric and two rows of Velcro tabs allow the strollers straps through and fasten behind the straps to keep straps put. This was a great feature with the Peg Perego Pliko. Since the straps on the Pliko can unhitch from the back, the Buggy Blanket keeps them in place. The Buggy Blanket can also improve the look of your stroller. The Buggy Blanket comes in a wide range of duotone colors, and you’re certain to find one to complement your stroller.

The Buggy Blanket grows with your child throughout the stroller years, from newborn to preschool, and can be detached to use with car seats too. If Baby’s not the stroller type, Brooks Bond also makes a Carrier Cover for soft front and back carriers. If your stroller does not already come with a foot muff or if you are looking for something that will be as flexible as your life needs to be, the Brooks Pond Buggy Blanket will get you through the seasons.

The Details:
The Brooks Pond Perennial Buggy Blanket, $135.00. To find a Brooks Pond Buggy Blanket near you, click on the “Store Locator” link at www.brookspond.com.

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  • I wish I knew about this one before I bought the JJ Cole Urban Bundle. I use a BOB for long strolls and jogs so I wanted something that would keep my daughter cozy and at the time it was the best I could find for a toddler. But it just doesn’t fit I am constantly readjusting it, clipping it in place, etc. (Really I think it is designed to fit a Bugaboo as it doesn’t work well with any of the 3 strollers we own) I think I will check this one out now… Thanks!