Build It and They Will Come

[ 1 ] July 20, 2011 |

Feeling the pressure of facing another season with an unproductive garden? Are your less than attentive gardening methods causing your neighbors to scowl? Feeling like you’d rather be beaching it this summer than pulling weeds?

For me, it’s all of the above.  So we’re trying a no-fail, maintenance free approach this year. We’ve turned our notoriously unsuccessful backyard plot into a Fairy Garden.  It’s easy, cheap, better looking than my poor excuse for a garden last year, and fun for the kids…huge points for me!

Our first step was letting each of our four kids sketch out a rough design for their houses.  Then we used Popsicle sticks, florist wire, and a glue gun to frame the structure, which we later covered with twigs, moss, and bark.  We added a few final touches from the local craft store bargain bin, such as colorful butterflies and artificial grass.

The Fairy Garden has become an ongoing work in progress.  We continue to add sea glass, driftwood, shells and  miscellaneous treasures/litter found on the beach to spruce up the neighborhood. And the last storm caused enough structural damage to provide projects for at least the next few rainy days.

To date we haven’t attracted any fairies, but there is a rather large garter snake who stops by on occasion.  Despite what my 8 year old claims, I happen to know that fairies are NOT part of the garter snake diet.

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Jaci Arnone

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Having grown up in Southeastern Massachusetts, Jaci chose the Ocean State to raise her family after stints on the West Coast, Southern Florida, and a few cities in between. Jaci is a freelance writer and part-time researcher in the nonprofit world, although spends most of her time as a chauffeur, activities coordinator, and conflict mediator for her four children. Her hobbies include combing thrift stores for treasures, competing in triathlons, and surfing at local and not so local beaches with her husband and kids. Jaci also blogs here:

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  1. Emily says:

    Very nice!! We have a bunch of fairy houses on our front porch – occasionally some fairies come and leave pretty stones and tiny notes. Maybe your back garden is too shady for veggies – is that what you tried? Looks like you already have hastas and perennials – you could also try some oregano, sage, and mint – they are super hardy & come back strong every year w/o much sun.

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