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Cabin fever…with babies!

A snowy day beckons much joy on the face of our 5 year old.  She rushes to throw on gloves and boots even before breakfast has been gulped down.  As the parent of a 5 month old however, more snow brings on dizzying thoughts of “what are we going to do all day”.  We love being outdoors and since we are not adverse to taking a baby out in even the coldest of weather (for a short time), we try to get out of the house if we can.

Snow Sensory Table from Sioux Empire Child Care Network

Some tips on heading outdoors with your baby:

  • If there is no snow on the ground, pop your baby in the stroller,, wearing one more layer than we have on, cover with the rain cover, which keeps the wind out.  The baby will be fine all bundled up and you will feel so much better for some good old fresh air and sunshine.  Meeting a friend is even better!
  • If it is too snowy, head to the mall.  Not my favorite place but a really good place to stroll off some snowy day cobwebs.
  • If you prefer to transport your baby in a carrier/sling, try to cover as much of their skin as you can.  Try a little Aquaphor on their little cheeks to prevent sore skin.

If the weather is just too yucky, there are a few baby (non-walkers) activities that we love:

  • Sensory trays.  Fill a tray with rice/pasta/lentils along with sieves, colanders, spoons etc  We like to throw in a few farm animals too! Hours of fun!
  • Bring some snow inside!  Fill a large tray with snow, pop it on a shower curtain or trash bag and using cups, spoons, etc., let your baby explore the cold stuff.  Really lovely to watch them do this.


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