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Call for Volunteers! Two Playground Upgrades on the East Side: Saturday July 17th!

Lippitt Park and Cabral Park, both located on the East Side are being upgraded with new play equipment this Saturday, July 17. Please join us!

We love parks and playgrounds and visit them often with our children along with many of our Kidoinfo readers. And when a playground gets new equipment we all celebrate.

http://www.playlsi.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/Playlsi/Product%20images/Independents/Kids%20In%20Motion/GyroTwisterSingle.jpgSince play structures are costly, often the only way to upgrade a play space is with volunteers helping on the day of the playground build spreading mulch, assembling equipment, etc. Without volunteers many of our playgrounds would remain untouched falling into disrepair.

If you can spare a few hours or the whole day, please do! Contact the organizers directly (see details below). They need to secure enough volunteers in advance to ensure the build can be completed in one day and avoid rescheduling. This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and help improve our local community play spaces for our kids. What can be better than that?


LIPPITT PARK (Corner of Hope and Blackstone Boulevard)
Saturday, July 17th
(Rain date Saturday, July 24th)
8AM – 4PM
. Volunteers are asked to commit to an 8-12 shift or 12-4 shift.
Contact: Please RSVP to ilira@ragandbone.com

Please note that the Providence Department of Parks will ready the site, the week before the build by removing the existing play structure and digging new holes for the footing.  The area will be encircled with snow fencing as a safety precaution.  The Parks Department and a representative from the play-structure company will be on-site to oversee all aspects of the installation. Breakfast, Lunch and beverages will be provided for volunteers by our local Summit neighborhood restaurants. Porta-potties will be on site.

CABRAL PARK (Wickenden Street, between the Water park and Vartan Gregorian Elementary School)
Saturday, July 17th
7AM — 3PM

Contact: Please RSVP to  janezogott@gmail.com

I wish I could be at both events on Saturday since my family uses both of these playgrounds on a regular basis but because of the time overlap we have chosen to help build at Cabral Park, next to my son’s school. Please email the organizers and find where you are most needed!

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  • Lippitt Park should reopen by July 28th. Missing part being shipped. I will post when it is open for sure. Cabral Park on Wickenden Street re-opened last week and looks great! Two parks upgraded for our kids! Celebration worthy!

  • I know the Lippitt park re-build started 11 years ago thanks to devotion of one woman and later help from others. I would email them after the build is done (or before if you can volunteer) and find out how they did it.

  • It’s so great to hear of parks getting an upgrade in our city! I have been trying to have a park in our neighborhood upgraded for months now (the equipment is in bad need of repair and really unsafe) Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a lot of support from our councilman and I’m not sure who to speak with. Anyone have a suggestion on how to spearhead a project like this?