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Elyse is always full of fabulous clever crafty ideas. This summer, she created Camp Tinker – a series of projects you can do with (or without) your children. – Anisa

As you probably know, I enjoy putting a shabby-style spin on simple craft projects. This summer while between book deadlines, I thought my blog would be the perfect sunny location to try out some ideas.

I love camp art projects. Things made from the simplest of supplies and shortest of instructions! Most of these projects will be things you made yourself in elementary school — but changed slightly to make them … say, more palatable for grown-up tastes.

Camp Info
– All projects aim to be easy-peasy so that even those who believe they are not crafty (which I don’t believe) will have fun
– All feedback on projects is very appreciated
– Please feel free to share completed projects on the Tinkered Treasures Facebook page
– Camp is in session, rain or shine
– Sunscreen is not needed, unless you are tinkering outdoors
– Be sure to have a snack

Sound fun? Hope so, Campers! Now, let’s begin …

Our first arts and crafts project will be to make a shell covered vessel.

Begin by covering a clean tin can with small shell macaroni. (In the photo I am using a painted can that didn’t turn out quite right.) You may either make lines of glue and place shells one at a time or get all first-grade and cover the can with glue in sections, adding bunches of shells at once.

Whichever method you use to cover the can with shells, be sure to gently press the shells to the can occasionally to help them set, and for best results work with the can on its side.

Once the can is covered with shells and the glue has dried well (overnight?), apply a few coats of spray paint. Because I wanted my macaroni to resemble actual shells, I used white spray paint in semi-gloss. Once your vessel is coated as you like, let it dry completely.

Fill and display!

I hope you enjoyed this first “meeting” of Camp Tinker!

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