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Celebrate Arbor Day: Love a Tree!

Celebrate Arbor Day locally:
Plant of Fruit Tree Grove in Davis Park. Click here for details.
Check the What Grows on calendar for more local happenings…

From the Kidoinfo archives:

The LoraxTomorrow, April 29, 2011 is National Arbor Day. Share the The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, or One Tree (Green Start series) by Innovative Kids with your children. These stories remind us at any age to be mindful of our trees.

Get in a tree mood: Listen to C is for Conifers by They Might Be Giants on itunes.

Tree Musketeers a nonprofit charity where kids teach other kids to become active citizens and community leaders. Neighborhood by neighborhood, kids work together to rescue Earth!

Earth Day and Arbor day go hand in hand and there have been many local celebrations and park cleanups. Here are a few more ways to celebrate and take care of the earth.The Giving TRee

– Read The Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.
– Cut out excess waste. Reuse, recycle, rebuy. Shop at local thrift shops.
– Keep stuff out of landfills, see free and barter sections on Craigslist or give and get “free stuff” on Freecylce.
– Donate old toys, clothes, and furniture to a local needy organization.
– Grab a bag and put on gloves: help clean up your local park or beach.
– Start a “Trash” box. Save cardboard tubes, selected broken toys, etc., for future projects.
– Make “Treasures from your Trash” with your kids – create a robot, a house, etc.
– Take a walk in the woods with your kids. See how many trees you can identify.
– Have a picnic outside. Listen to the birds.

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