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Lion MasksA list of inexpensive and old-fashioned ways to entertain kids was recently posted on Lifehacker. In our house, my kids and I enjoy coming up with projects to make. I am often a make-it-yourself kind of mom when I have the time, but I also seek out fresh ideas and new venues. Reading the online list reminded me of some of the things we have done in the past but sometimes forget how fun they can be.

Here is my variation of the list.

1. Design masks from paper plates and pipe cleaners. You never know what it will lead to.

2. A big cardboard box. We made the blue submarine but the possibilities are endless.

3. Free-for-All Saturday at the RISD Museum. Five hours of fun on the last Saturday of each month. Each event is based on a theme. Activities include a scavenger hunt through the museum, craft projects, and a show centered on the theme. We have seen African drumming, Turkish dancing, pirates, marionettes, ballet, opera, puppet shows, and more.

4. Make a rubber band ball.

5. Construct paper airplanes.

6. Draw outside with chalk: make roads, mazes, pictures, hopscotch, and more.

7. Make pop-up cards or books.

8. Home Depot kid’s workshops. Free projects for kids on the first Saturday of each month. My kids love it. Read more in our deals section.

9. Make shadow puppets in the dark.

10. Visit your local library – read books, attend an event.

11. Go to your local park and play hide-and-seek.

12. Go “camping” inside or out. Make popcorn. Take turns telling stories.

Find even more ideas in the book, Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun by Bobbi Conner.

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