Cheap Gas

Gas is expensive these days—and between the price of gas and the price of groceries these days it pays to find ways to save. Thanks to Katy, she recently told us how we can get groceries for less at Price Rite—now here are ways to find the lowest price of gas near you.

On the Web: Enter your zip code to find cheap gas prices in your city. These websites list nearby gas stations and their current gas prices to help you find low gasoline prices.

On your mobile phone: While on the road, you can download software form Mobio networks to your cell phone. Enter your zip code to get nearby prices.

Use a widget: A desktop widget monitors gas prices without visiting a separate web page. (Mac)
If you have an Apple (my computer of choice) use a widget that compares prices from a particular gas station with the local area average to help us decide if it’s worth driving a few extra miles to save money.