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Children’s Book Review: Face to Face With Frogs

face to face with frogsMark Moffett calls himself a storyteller. He’s also an ecologist, photographer, and writer. It’s hard to resist reading a book by such a talented person. In Face to Face With Frogs, Moffett combines his stories and photographs to share his knowledge of frogs and love of adventure.

Did you know not all frogs can jump? Or that some dart frog species carry their tadpoles on their backs? You and your child will learn facts about frogs from around the world. With close-up photos and nonfiction that reads like fiction, Face to Face With Frogs is a wonderful book for your family to read together.

For more information on Mark Moffett, go to www.doctorbugs.com


Face to Face With Frogs
Mark W. Moffett
Copyright 2008
National Geographic
Paperback $6.95

Marcia Maynard is a former teacher and reading specialist. She blogs about preschool activities at www.readandraise.com.

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