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Children’s Book Review Motherbridge of Love

moz-screenshot-1Motherbridge of Love” is an anonymously written Chinese poem that’s illustrated by Josee Massee. It links a child, a child’s birth mother and the child’s adoptive mother. The poem is lovely and heart-filled and shows the importance of both women in an adopted child’s life. Turned into a book in 2007, the story begins, “Two different lives shaped to make you one. One become your guiding star, the other became your sun.” Josee Massee uses soft, earth-tone watercolors to create a peaceful story. She connects the child’s lives by painting pictures of two mothers connected by a little girl.

The Details:

Motherbridge of Love
Illustrated by Josee Massee
Barefoot Books
Hardcover $16.99

Marcia Maynard is a former teacher and reading specialist. She blogs about preschool activities at www.readandraise.com.

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  • Thank you for this post and for the one above it. I am an adoptive mom as well as a current foster mom (this month is also National Foster Care Month). I own this book and it is wonderful to read to my son. Adoption is something to be celebrated! Thank you!