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Reviewed by Marcia Maynard

Looking for a biography for your preschooler? The Story of Rosa Parks, by Patricia Pingry is a perfect fit. In her board book, Pingry tells us the story of Rosa Parks' life from birth to the Supreme Court ruling that segregation on city buses was unconstitutional.

The Story of Rosa Parks Book coverThe story begins,  “Do you know Rosa Parks? She is called the mother is civil rights.”  Each page has one or two simple sentences stating the basic, yet important facts about Rosa Parks. There's enough information for a young child to learn about her, but not be overwhelmed with details.

Steven Walker, illustrator, starts us with a painting of children on a field trip. The multi-racial class  is  looking at a statue of Mrs. Parks. He ends the book with a group of modern day children sitting in the back of a school bus, smiling and chatting. Walker focuses on faces, bodies and colors to set the tone of the famous Alabama bus event.

Pingry writes of a complex topic with appropriate language and style for young children. The Story of Rosa Parks is published by Candy Cane Press and if you search this site, you'll find a series of biographies by Pingry in board book version, ideal for a young children.

The Story of Rosa Parks
Board Book
Copyright 2007
Candy Cane Press

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