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Children’s Healthy Cooking Classes

Don’t know about you but I have all the best intentions to have my kids help out more in the kitchen.  When dinner time actually comes around, we often run out of time and energy and the scene is rather like that of Swedish Chef from The Muppets!  I really do want my kids to know where their food comes from, understand basic nutrition and perhaps cook a meal themselves before leaving home.  We also fall into a rather predictable 8 meal rotation so any new, easy ideas are always welcomed.

safe_image.phpNo worries!  Help is here! Check out these hands-on, fun and nutritious cooking programs for children aged 4 and above.

Claire Moscrop of Claire Moscrop Nutrition brings her expertise as a Mom of three and Nutritionist to her children’s classes by introducing healthy choices, table manners (yahoo!) and encouraging our budding young chef’s to explore new tastes and textures.

Salmon Cakes and Moroccan Carrots - Yum!
Salmon Cakes and Moroccan Carrots – Yum!

Cooking classes run in 2 sessions with 6 classes in each session.  The next session is themed ‘Healthy Holidays’  and runs from October 28th until December 2nd.

Registration is now open.


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