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Choosing the right backpack


I do not wish summer away and still look forward to many more beach days, cookouts, and outdoor music concerts, but I’m also starting to think about the upcoming school year. I am devoting this week at Kidoinfo to Getting Ready for School. I have compiled a list of books and useful things we need to have and to do before school (geared mainly towards but not limited to preschool and kindergarten-aged kids), along with helpful tips for the first day of school.

This is a big year for our family. As my only two babies (I mean boys) head to kindergarten this year, I am left with mixed emotions. While I look forward to the new routine – planning my days so I can work more, schedule meetings, and make phone calls in the daylight hours, and exercising regularly — I am sad to see the end of the preschool years. I will miss sharing in many of my child’s discoveries and being a central part of their early education. Although they are still young, they show hints of their growing independence and their ability to better understand the world – as it should be. Starting kindergarten means, as with starting any new school or childcare, change and adjustment for the whole family. My boys and I say goodbye to the familiar world of Child’s Play, where they knew all the kids, parents, and teachers by face or name, and head off to a new school with three large kindergarten classes, where they will know some of the kids from their neighborhood but will also meet many, many new kids and their parents for the first time.

I got hung up the other day choosing what kind of backpack my kids should have for school – I think I believed that making the perfect choice would make the transition to school easier. We’ll see if it works, but in the meantime, it allowed me to control what I can and reserve my energy for the unexpected.

Enjoy the week of tips, and if you have your own back-to-school ideas or suggestions for adjusting to a new school, please email us!

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