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Congratulations Bill!

Harley GrammyBlah
Bill Harley won the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Recording for Children: Blah, Blah, Blah: Stories about clams, swamp monsters, pirates and dogs. Listen to it here.

Bill is one of our favorite kids singers and storytellers. He also happens to be local – used to live in Providence, but now resides in Seekonk, MA – so my boys and I have had the chance to see him in person a number of times. He is very entertaining – telling funny stories about everyday life, mixed with fantasy, adventure and wishful thinking.

When my boys stopped taking naps and moved on to quiet time – they would eagerly listen to Bill’s story CDs up in their room. Now they listen to them anytime – quiet time or not. Find out more about Bill Harley’s songs and stories in the Bill Harley store. To see when Bill is performing near you, check out his calendar of events.

Bill Harley was interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered in September 2006. Listen to it here.

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