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Cooking with Dr. Seuss

067988440801_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_.jpggreenegg.gif Have you ever made green eggs and ham?

My boys (both age 5) are going through a particularly picky food phase. In our house we currently have two boys like Sam’s friend – just by the looks of some food, they decide they will not try it. When they were about 3, and eating everything in sight, my pediatrician told me not to worry about their LARGE appetites – they were storing food for later. He said there would come a time when they slow down and become more choosy. I was a bit skeptical, but then kids do change their minds daily. Now we have come to that time.

Although my boys like ham this month, I am not sure they will go for the green eggs. But Dr. Seuss certainly has a way with kids…Get creative with cooking for and with your kids. Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook by Georgeanne Brennan and illustrated by Dr. Seuss goes beyond green food coloring and makes cooking quite creative, fun and scrumpdillicious.

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