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Cool project: Host your own nature show

Magnifying Glass

Have a budding naturalist and/or filmmaker in your family? The Nature Watch Showcase is looking for original clips of budding naturalists in action that you can post on their site and share with the world. Now’s your chance to be the wacky, animal-loving character your family watches on TV thinking “We could do that!”

Need inspiration? Have your kids don pith helmets and give an up-close-and-personal tour of the “wildlife” in your backyard. Go for a hike, look for birds and talk about the changing leaves. Or head to the beach, see if any interesting things have washed ashore and interview the family about how the beach is different in the fall than the summer.

Find more info on the Nature Watch site or email info(at)thenaturewatch(dot)com. If you do make something, send it in to kidoinfo and maybe we’ll post it here! And even if you don’t become world-famous, you’ll have had a fun outdoor experience and get a cute video of your kids channeling their inner Bindi.

Nature/Nurture, written by Michelle Riggen-Ransom, is an occasional column with ideas and information to help kids and their families engage with the natural world in fun, interesting ways. Share your thoughts and explorations by adding your comment below, or contact us with your story ideas.

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