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Cool Web Finds

A quick list of my favorite finds on the web this week.

Jennifer Maestre

– On the Rag and Bone Blog, Jason introduced me to the artist, Jennifer Maestre who uses common materials like colored pencils in her sculptural work. Inspiring.
The Style Files featured a home in Amsterdam where the couple living there made photo copies of their children’s drawings and used them as wallpaper. Check out the bold graphic wall statement.
– Lovely hand-cut paper valentine by Amy of angry chicken.
– Buy the brand new They Might Be Giants DVD/CD, Here Come The 123s (with Bonus Tracks and Video) exclusive from Amazon.com.
– Easy heart sun catcher project in the Kids Craft weekly newsletter–maybe we will adapt this craft for spring.
– I adore the shop, weekend in Orleans on Cape Cod–full of lovely things for kid, mom and home. Visit their redesigned website and check out their annual sale. If you like what you see, email Mari and tell her you are a Kidoinfo reader.

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