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[ 1 ] February 22, 2008 |

Here is what I found recently while surfing the web…

Jim Deneven

– I read the Rag and Bone blog regularly–this week Jason introduced me to Jim Deneven and now I want to make beautiful patterns in the sand like this.
MakeZine found this cool one-shot panorama camera, 360 gizmos, fun for kids (and adults) at the NYC Toy Fair.
– Find clever ways to display your kid’s collections in the last issue of Cookie.
– Read Parent Hacks on how you can still take your baby out in the snow without regular snow boots: Makeshift Ziploc bag “snow boots” for babies.
– Learn how to make your own finger-paint.
The New York Times recently published a couple of interesting articles:
– How design conscious parents deal or don’t deal once kids join share their space–Parent Shock: Children Are Not Décor–Click on the comments to hear a variety of reader opinions.
– With the growing success of in vitro fertilization, the rate of triplets and higher-order multiples has steadily increased, doctors are now looking at Lowering Odds of Multiple Births.
Nonchalantmom has moved down the street in Wakefield and is designing the fall nonchalant kid’s collection. Also thank you to Carina for introducing me to the lovely world of bloesem kids!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I found this site earlier this week, short videos on “How to” do kid-related things like braid hair, play jacks and make paper airplanes. It’s all content users submit, so if you (or your kids!) have something to contribute, you can add your video to the mix:

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