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Night Kitchen BakerPostmanCostumes are not just for Halloween. Little kids love to dress up. In our house, every day is costume day. For anyone who knows my kids, they know that the boys perform shows as often as other people brush their teeth. As a result we have accumulated quite a few costumes, masks, and accessories — store-bought, hand-me-downs, and DIY ones. Preparing for Halloween in our house is not much different from any other day.

Kids often have ideas for their costume, but if they are young or you’re both stumped – look to your kid’s favorite book for inspiration: The bunny from Goodnight Moon, the bear from Corduroy, a baker from In the Night Kitchen, or Peter Pan, Wendy, or Madeline from those classics.

Assembling the costume can sometimes be as simple as tying on a blanket for a cape to dress a superhero or a king or wearing brown clothes and a mask to be a lion. Here are some more ideas to help you get ready for your kid’s Halloween costume or as another addition to the dress-up box.

There are lots of terrific ready-made costumes of the latest superheroes, movie characters, all the “D” princesses, Prince Charming, and more. These costumes can be amazing, but they can also be pricey. Check out Target, the Disney Store, or Old Navy. Check Savers in East Providence for a great selection of used and new costumes and accessories. Online check out Leaps and Bounds or Oriental Trading Company. After Halloween you can scoop up costumes for next year or your costume box at HUGE discounts at Old Navy and Target.


DIY does not have to mean making the whole costume from scratch. Sometimes it just means looking at what you already have around the house and combining it in new ways with a little sewing or glue. Here are some costumes I have put together:
Crayola Babies
For Baby: Crayola Crayon (pictured right)

  • Supplies Needed: yard of Felt, Sharpie Marker, Paper clip, Scissors
  • How-To: Cut the felt so it is long to enough to warp around baby. Fold felt in half and mark spot for arm holes and cut out holes. Draw Crayola logo on front with Sharpie marker. For crayon tip hat – trace one 8-12″ circle onto separate piece of felt. Cut a slit half way. Shape circle it into cone hat and sew or secure with paperclip.
  • Total Price: $4.50 (includes buying Sharpie marker)

For Toddler: Postman (pictured above)

  • Supplies Needed (I found everything at Savers Thrift Shop): Blue polo shirt, blue trousers, blue satchel bag, envelopes from junk mail. Use mailbag as a candy bag.
  • Total Price: $7.50

For Toddler: Baker from In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak (pictured above)

  • Supplies Needed: Baker’s hat from party store, white oxford shirt, white pants. White cloth folded over and tied as apron. Toddler pillowcase with shoulder strap sewed on. Use bag to carry a baguette and as candy bag. (Optional: scan images from book. Iron-on baker logo on hat, shirt and bag)
  • Total Price: $7.50 (plus cost of baguette)Peter Pan

For Preschooler: Peter Pan (pictured right)

  • Supplies Needed: Green shirt, green pants, felt, cardboard, foil, hat, red feather.
  • How-To: Cut leaf shapes out of felt and sew around collar and bottom of costume. Make a hat out of felt or use a hat you already have – insert red feather. Cut sword shape out of cardboard and wrap with aluminum foil. Make optional belt out of ribbon and glue on felt leaves with a glue gun or use a belt you already have.
  • Total Price: $3.75 (I already had the pants. shirt and hat)

For Preschooler and older: Musketeer

  • Supplies Needed: yard blue felt, duct tape, hat, plume feather. Sword optional.
  • How-To: Fold felt in half and cut small opening for head. Trim length to fall below waist. Add duct tape along edges of felt and as a cross on front of felt. Stick feather in hat. All for one and one for all!
  • Total Price: $3.50 (plus cost of sword)

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