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Creativity Initiative transforms Providence Children’s Museum

Provided by the Providence Children’s Museum

After three years of planning, research, and ‘kid-testing,’ Providence Children’s Museum has launched its Creativity Initiative, with dedicated new exhibit space and high-quality maker experiences designed to spark creativity in the community and inspire Rhode Island’s kids to be innovators in the 21st century.

The first in a series of interactive exhibits is open to the public and runs through September 23, 2019 when a new exhibit will come in.

The local artist: Nick Carter

Providence artist Nick Carter, in collaboration with the Museum’s Exhibits Team, has created ‘Extravagant Properties: Line, Shape, and Color.’ The environment explores geometry through the 2D and 3D worlds of points and lines in space.

Little visitors and grownups will delight as they play with light, color, and patterns, taking charge and making their own designs. The exhibit will be on display through September.

Carter is an artist, educator and community organizer whose work often investigates pattern, color, and perspective. It is inspired by quilting motifs, urban architecture, and camouflage.

Using translucent and reflective materials, Carter creates dynamic situations in site-specific environments like the Museum. Like flags, his paintings are often installed on wires or poles and are subject to shifting vectors of air and light.

Innovation Lab and Maker Studio

In addition, the Museum’s new state-of-the-art Innovation Lab and Maker Studio will provide young innovators with the chance to work with real tools and interesting materials.

“Providence Children’s Museum is the only cultural institution in our ‘creative capital’ specifically focused on children under ten,” said Executive Director Caroline Payson. “This is where they begin on the lifelong path of learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and we want to give all kids the best experiences and tools possible.”

About the Creativity Initiative

The Creativity Initiative is Providence Children’s Museum’s groundbreaking three-year project that seeks to connect all children to Rhode Island’s creative community. The Initiative includes a series of rotating exhibits developed in collaboration with local creatives and provides opportunities for families to engage with immersive environments. New exhibits will open each season.

A series of hands-on workshops, complementing the theme of each exhibit, will give little innovators a chance to peek behind the curtain of real-world creative thinking and explore, ask questions, and find their own answers in the Museum’s new, hands-on Innovation Lab and Maker Studio.

Children and their grownups will use authentic tools and materials, while trained Museum staff ensure a rich problem-solving experience. Professional creatives will also drop in for demonstrations and how-to sessions.

Throughout the Museum, interesting creative artifacts, on loan from regional artists, designers, and arts organizations, will be on display, giving children an up-close look at the step-by-step creative process.

The Creativity Initiative is funded in part by generous support from the Norman and Rosalie Fain Family Foundation, the Murray Family Charitable Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Carol A. Peterson Foundation, the Carter Family Charitable Trust, the Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund, the Hassenfeld Family Foundation, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts.

Providence Children’s Museum

100 South Street, Providence, RI 02903

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