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Creepy Crawly Treats

Spider CupcakesCrawly Cakes
Here are some creepy crawly treats to make for Halloween from Not Martha—a blog filled with great ideas on how to make things, from home improvements and the holidays to things to eat or things to wear.

Spider Cupcakes look relatively easy—just draw spiders with melted chocolate chips from a plastic bag, with the tip cut off, onto vanilla cupcakes. The Crawly Spider Cakes look awesome but require many more ingredients and greater technical skill. If I get ambitious I may try a modified version of the cakes or I may just make the vanilla cupcakes from Betty Crocker, frost and top them with the plastic spiders, bats, and witches I got at Job Lot the other day – fifty for $2.49. (Thanks, Katy!) I will let you know how it goes.

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