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rhode trip (+ beyond): Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Drive time from Providence, RI: @1 hour 45 minutes (@ 90 miles) (directions)

Marsh-View-Room at CCMNHSaltMarsh Trail CCMNH on Kid o Info

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History – 869 Route 6A, Brewster, MA 02631
Open February through December
Admission: Adults – $8 (Seniors – $7), Ages 3-12 – $3.50, Under 3 – free. Free for members.

Indoors: Kids can see everything from woolly mammoth tusks and whale baleen to a real beehive and learn about fish weirs and coastal changes. In the bird viewing room, kids watch birds outside a large picture window (with or without the binoculars) or see the osprey nest via video cam. Lots of hands-on activities keep children of all ages engaged–from a sandbox to crayon rubbings to studying shells under microscopes. Spend some time in the library or head downstairs to visit the aquarium. It was quiet the day we were there and we were lucky enough to get a personal guide who told us about the sea life. We learned fun facts like all turtles have thirteen scoots (the patterns on the top of their shells), no matter what their size, and the blood from horseshoe crabs is used in many of today’s pharmaceuticals.Rhodia Graph Notebook on Kid o Info
Outdoors: Choose from several great nature walks — around a salt mash, through a wildflower and butterfly garden, or through a wooded path down to the beach. There are lots of picnic tables out front for having lunch or pausing for a snack.

Things we brought along for our hike:
– Magnifying glass to look at bugs and other treasures (My boys each have their own – $1.49 each from Ocean State Job Lot)
Rhodia graph pad to record discoveries (fits perfectly into a six-year old’s pants pocket)
– Bottle of water
– Snacks (unfortunately I left ours in the car)
– Bird book
– A great walking stick (we actually didn’t bring one but found several to choose from along the way)

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  • hey, i heard the burrito place is CLOSED. the little shop where it was (nest to the general store) is EMPTY. so if you know anyone who wants to open a burrito store…

  • Rhodia pads [my favorite!] are also available in Montreal in a paper store in the underground mall. Brewster and the Museum will also be added to our list of things to do in September when we’ll be there for a week. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • It is really a great spot for kids and has only improved over the years since i was last there (1986 when I worked there one college summer as a seasonal naturalist). Our kids (4 and 6) really loved seeing the aquarium animals(small compared with the NE Aq or Mystic, but it’s perfect for kids, especially with the personal attention from staff and volunteers). We also had a nice hike out the salt marsh trail to the beach, and even wading (during low tide) across the river that meets there Bay at the end of the trail. Quite an exciting adventure!
    A couple of other things: good ice cream down the road, always good idea to do a “tick check” after outdoor forays, and you can also continue the osprey connection from home by watching the progress via their live cam.

  • My in-laws live on the Cape, and we’re always looking for new ideas for day trips while visiting them. We’ll definitely add the Museum to our list (and the burrito place too).

    Thanks for including the driving time from Providence, very helpful!

  • My son picked out his Rhodia notebook at Utrecht at 200 Wickenden Street in Providence. He tried all the ones at the counter to find the perfect one that fit in his pocket! Also saw them at Morris Office Supply on Thayer street.

    I went to that awesome burrito place last summer not sure the name or if it is open summers only

  • Yes! This place is wonderful. My sixty-something parents love to take their grandchildren to this museum.

    I love the idea of a day trip to the Cape. We can stop in Hyannis on the way home for a Trader Joe’s fix.

    Is the burrito place still open by the Brewster store? That place rocked.

    I think that notebook your son is holding is my favorite kind–a Rhodia? Where did you get it?