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Decoupage a flowerpot

decoupage-flower-potThis decoupaged flowerpot is a fun and simple project for kids to make mom or grandmother for Mother’s Day. It would also make a lovely welcome gift for a new neighbor or thank-you for a favorite teacher. I recently did this project at Kreatelier for a birthday party (pictured above.) Afterwards the children planted grass seed and made adorable tags to go inside the pots.


Terra cotta pot (many sizes available at Ocean State Job Lot, Michael’s Craft stores, Home Depot, Walmart)
Collage materials: paper, fabric and old buttons
Outdoor Mod Podge®
Glue gun for buttons

How -To

Cut pieces of fabric and glue onto terra cotta pot using brush dipped in Mod Podge. Overlap fabric pieces until pot is covered. Add a coat of Mod Podge over entire pot (inside and out). Attach buttons for embellishment.

Once pot is dry, fill with soil and plant with flowers or herbs.
Optional: Make a tag or label with popsicle stick and paper to identify what’s growing in the pot and the name of the little crafter.

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