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Please note: Kidoinfo does not assess the quality of nor endorses any business or non-profit organization. Please do your due diligence and use your best judgement when choosing a medical provider. Some dentists may not be accepting new patients. Dentists must be licensed by the state of RI to practice legally. You can check a dentist’s license at this website.

Want your practice listed? If you are a dental provider who sees children and would like to be included in this KidoGuide, please send your business name, telephone number, and website address to susan@kidoinfo.com.

Can’t afford dental care? Here are resources that may be able to help:

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Please tell us what we are missing: email susan@kidoinfo.com or call 401-337-9240 x 2. If you know a dentist that should be listed, please encourage them to contact us with their business name, telephone number, and website address.

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