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Valentine Crush Craft

DIY Project: Valentine Crush Crackers

Wondering what to do with leftover scraps of wrap and ribbon? How about crafting crackers with the kids? Crackers, which resemble over-sized wrapped candies, are part of Christmas celebrations in many parts of the world. I thought, why not make some for Valentine’s Day and give them a fun name? Voila! Valentine Crush Crackers. Traditionally two people pull apart the cracker at once “wishbone style” to cause a spark; this version is low-tech but big on fun and low on cost. Perfect to give to friends (or a special crush).

Valentine Crush Craft Closeup

  • Toilet paper rolls or cut tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper
  • Paper: wrapping paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape
  • Tissue paper or wax paper
  • Ribbon, twine
  • Scraps of things that look Valentine-like: paper doilies, printed images, old greeting cards, bows, stickers, cupcake liners, buttons
  • Filler: candy, small toys or party favors, love notes, paper hearts, printed fortunes

Valentine Crush Craft Supplies

How to

  • Measure and cut enough paper to wrap around and cover your tube. Fasten with glue, tape or a sticker.
  • Fill your tube
  • Measure and cut enough wax or tissue paper to wrap around and cover your tube leaving about 1.5 inches on each side to pinch and tie closed with ribbon or twine
  • Decorate your wrapper cracker
  • Present to a friend or secret crush!

Valentine Crush Craft How To

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  • another brilliant project from elyse. wow. any idea how to make those gunpowder popper thing inside? (like in the english xmas crackers?)

  • I was just thinking today that I needed to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I’ll make one of these for each of my kids. The 6yo’s teacher just sent a note home asking us to save toilet paper tubes for a class project so I’ll have to hold back three of them. 🙂

  • I love how you show your creativeness by putting it on here.Maybe you could do a WORLD-WIDE set of lessons on the WEB! from:YOUR CHILD.P.S. I’m the 1 who wrote
    B mine on the heart-card,don’t be confused that I’m a kid,Gasp!Yeah
    I’m a kid!!Shall I END……..