Don’t Freak Out: It’s a Shopping Bag

[ 2 ] October 9, 2008 |

Grocery News by Katy Killilea

Dont Freak Out BlueqThis shopping bag from BlueQ‘s 2008 line is no mere carry-all. It is an emotional crutch. With a repeating pattern that reads, “Don’t Freak Out, OK?” but that looks like toile from afar, it is perfect for trips to the grocery store with energetic children. “Don’t freak out” is my grocery shopping mantra, and seeing it in print, in the very accessory I need when buying groceries, is the greatest grocery-related invention since your chocolate landed in my peanut butter.

BlueQ makes lots of snarky little things: tin coin banks that announce, “I’m Saving Up for More Valium,” organizer pouches labeled, “Vinnie’s Tampon Case,” Miso Pretty lip balms, as well as Dick Cheney air freshener. It’s a local business–they’re based in Massachusetts–and the designers seem to have an endless supply of ideas that people like to see printed on bags, magnets, and gum. The shopping bags fold flat and stand up straight like paper bags, they are sturdy enough to beat the band, water resistant, and much easier to load with purchases than a floppy cloth bag.

The details:
Shopping Bag, $12 at BlueQ. Available in “Don’t Freak Out” and many other fine patterns. In Providence, I have seen these bags for sale at Frog and Toad on Hope Street, Whole Foods, and OOP.

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  1. Jaci Arnone JC says:

    I have the same bag in the ‘Miso Pretty’ pattern, and I love it.

    In addition to being just downright cute, their beauty products are high quality too. I give their Dirty Girl body moisturizer a double thumbs up!

  2. calendar katharine says:

    I love my woodland animals-print bag from BlueQ. Very sturdy.

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