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Easter Egg Decoration

Here is a lovely egg project from Beth Curtin.  Find more of her clever crafty ideas on her blog, Acorn Pies.
To make a little egg like this, start with some dyed raw eggs. Make a few; some may break.

Put a tiny pinhole in the narrow end of the egg for a thread to hang it by. Gently put another pinhole in the side of the egg, as a place to begin cutting with a pair of sharp nail scissors. Cut ever so gently, with tiny, tiny little cuts. Pour out the raw egg and let the shell interior dry.

What do you want to put inside your egg? I snipped the thread off a little painted wooden bird Easter ornament, and glued it into a little nest made out of dried grass. The tree branch is from a dried out thyme plant I have in my garden. The children might have fun making little chicks or eggs or a bunny out of modeling beeswax. You could also decorate the interior with a little scene made out of cut paper, or with a tiny drawing. A nice finishing touch on my egg would have been a border of rick-rack around the cut edge, but I couldn’t get to the studio this week!

Childhood Magic learned how to do this from her grandmother. Visit her blog and see her amazing eggs!

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