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Easy DIY Birthday Cakes – just add toys

I consider myself an artist but NOT when it comes to baking or cake decorating. And I will leave decorating with fondant to my friend Kristin who out-Marthas Martha every year with her kid’s birthday cake masterpieces. I used pre-made sheets of fondant to cover my sons’ pirate cakes one year (see below) and although they looked fine, everyone had to peel the icing off because it was so sugary sweet.

Since I like to get creative with my boys’ cakes, I have developed my own special style and have found that adding a few favorite toys that go along with the party theme (if there is one) can really wow a crowd. Then again, if you put a chocolate cake in front of most five-year-olds, they tend to go wild. Sometimes I raid the boys’ toy collection for decoration ideas, and sometimes the cake toppers are new and become part of their birthday present. (Always wash toys first.)

My twin boys have always celebrated their birthdays with one party, but I make sure to have two cakes.

Blue Pirate Cake on KidoinfoGreen Pirate Cake on kid o info
Birthday #4
Party Theme: Come in costume and put on a show
Cakes 1 & 2: Blue and Green Pirate Ships
Toys: Disney and Pixar figures from the boys’ collection

Batman Cake on kid o infoRobin Cake on kid o info
Birthday #5
Party Theme: Dress as your favorite Superhero (or make up your own)
Cake1: Batman
Cake 2: Robin
Toys: Classic Batman and Robin figures from eBay

RH and LJ-On-Bridge on kid o infoRobin Hood and Little John cake on kid o info
Birthday #6
Party Theme: Musketeers and Maidens
Cake 1: Robin Hood & Little John
Cake 2: The Three Musketeers (not pictured)
Toys: Papo figures

Star Wars V Birthday Cake

Star Wars Iv Birthday Cake
Birthday #7
Party Theme: Science
Cake1: Star Wars IV: A New Hope (Scene: In the Cantina)
Cake 2: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (Scene: Yoda trains Luke to be a Jedi)
Toys: Various Star Wars figures from Benny’s, Toys-R-Us, and boys’ collection

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