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Easy Homemade Gifts

Etsabild AB +46 8 644 90 06 info@etsabild.seAs the flurry of December days rush by at a terrific pace, you may be like our family and still have many gifts still to buy.  You see shopping is not one of our favorite sports and neither is spending stacks of money. Thinking up a frugal and exciting alternative to socks while possessing minimal crafting skills proves to be a challenge for me.  I do, however, thoroughly admire those crafty folks who can whip up homespun, unique gifts for their peeps each year. But seriously, with two little ones at home, trees to trim, dogs to walk and basic hygiene slipping…time, energy, anyone?

As I sit here by a roaring fire, sipping hot cocoa with unwashed children snoozing soundly upstairs and slightly smelly dogs at my feet, I thought it would be fun to find and share some easy, home-made gifts that real people (like me) actually have a realistic chance of creating before Easter!


I tried to include gifts that could be made for a small amount of money and with things you may already have at home. They are also great as gifts for different ages made by different ages.


*  Cookie/Muffin Mix
Fill a Mason Jar with your favorite dry cookie mix and include a recipe on the tag.

*  Hot Chocolate Mix
Fill a jar with cocoa powder, top with marshmallows and tie a candy cane to a ribbon around the jar – voila!  Children love this one!

*  Popping Corn
Put some popping corn in a jar, tie a fancy ribbon around and finish with a homemade label.


*  DIY Chocolate Pretzels

Include all the fixings to make your own chocolate pretzels in 3 stacked jars.  Pretzels, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

*  Peppermint Bark
An easy to make recipe can be found here.  Variations on toppings can be M&M’s, Peppermints, Candy Canes.


* S’Mores Kit
This setup uses recycled fruit boxes but you can simply wrap in a plastic/paper bag and present that way.  You could also include sticks to roast with.


* Bubble Bath
A friend of mine made these once as favors for a birthday party and they went down a storm. They could include mini toys or figures to float inside eg. dinosaurs, lego figures etc  An easy bubble bath recipe can be found here.

*  Oven mitt/Apron/Tote Bag
Blank fabric items are readily available at Michaels etc and can be adapted to the recipient.  Children’s hand/foot prints can be used on items for grandparents, teachers, etc.


* Snowglobe
This easy to make novelty can easily be adapted to incorporate other items such as Playmobil, Dinosuars, Dolls, Laminated Family Photos etc.


*  Sewing Kit
I created this one for my own 5 year old daughter this year.  Sssh!  It’s a secret!  Using an old box (which can be decorated with paint or paper), include a small sewing hoop, thread or yarn, small scissors, needles (plastic ones are available for younger children) and some felt/fabric to practice on.


Woven Artwork
I love this variation on framing a picture using weaving as a way of creating a wonderful piece of art. This technique could be used to create bookmarks, calendars and framed art.


Embroidered Artwork
This simple but really effective technique can also be used on book marks, napkins and pillowcases.



* Handy Coasters


* Button Photo Frame


Photo Credits

Gift:Johner, Cookie Jar:Letiziagolosa, Peppermint Bark: Amanda Blake Soule, S’mores Kit: Williams Sonoma, Bubbles: Wikipedia, Tote Bag: Paint Cut Paste, Lego Snowglobe: Minieco, Handy Coasters: Spoonful, , Photo Frame: Jeanie’s Magnificient Makers, Sewing: Amanda Blake Soule, Weave Art: Paint Cut Paste, Handkerchiefs: Red Ted Art

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