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Family Cooking Fun Class

Looking for a new adventure for your family this summer?
How about a one of a kind, engaging, hands on family cooking class?

In this unique two hour class, your family will be led through step by step instructions to create a nutritious plant based recipe which you’ll be able to eat at the end of the class. In addititon to learning tips and tricks on how to keep your family healthy, you’ll also learn how to make a yummy dessert which will be prepared for you to sample.

You and your children will leave this class inspired to cook and to try new foods in your home. Furthermore, you’ll be equipped with two new healthy recipes to add to your family’s meal rotation. The cost for this class is $85 per family – all kitchen supplies and ingredients are provided.

Join us and expose your children to the magic of plant based cooking!
Upcoming classes for the Summer:

June 22nd / June 29th / July 6th / July 13th

image: courtesy of Ella Rodriguez, Food for Life Instructor

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