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The third Annual URI Brain Fair

Meet your amazing brain!

The third annual URI Brain Fair is a free event for all ages to learn about your amazing brain and how you can keep it healthy, with nearly 30 interactive learning stations, plus talks, giveaways, and special events — including a mid-day brain circus with Marvelous Marvin.

  • Meet the machine-learning robots of the URI Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Learn about balance during a simulated surfing activity
  • No hands! Control a game or type words by using your mind
  • Learn science-based ways to your brain healthy
  • Discover the brain benefits of de-stressing through deep breathing techniques or a visit with Phantom the Therapy Dog
  • Learn the science behind optical illusions and motor learning
  • Get a close-up glimpse of your brain cells through a microscope
  • Watch your brain waves in action with EEG technology
  • Experience “dementia” during a guided simulation
  • Get a brain boost from craft-making activities, including origami folding and dream-catching

image: courtesy of URI Brain Week

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