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Theater Tech & Design

November 24, 2020 @ 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm
Valerie Remillard
(401) 339-2764
Theater Tech & Design @ Greenwich Odeum

Young people who enjoy art, design and theater will love this class with Experiments in Theater’s Director of Design, Lauren Pomeroy. Participants will spend 4 weeks engaging in a hypothetical production design process for the musicals The Addams Family (4 weeks in October) and Aladdin (4 weeks in November). Lauren will provide guidance and art instruction and students will create props, sketch sets and design costumes that meet production requirements. With 9 years training in art and 4 years experience building sets and designing productions for Experiments in Theater, East Greenwich High School and Cole Middle School, Lauren has established a reputation for turning ordinary objects from home into extraordinary storytelling devices. She has made Captain Hook’s hook from a garage hook and soda bottle, trees from butcher block paper and cars from cardboard and touch lights. With the exception of a few discarded items from home, all class supplies will be provided and students get to keep everything they make.

image: courtesy of The Greewnich Odeum

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