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Everything is WICKED awesome at Legoland Discovery Center Boston.

Great news for Lego lovers–Legoland Discovery Center Boston opened at Assembly Row in Somerville on May 23! Contributing writer Nicole Estrella had a sneak peak and shares her family adventure below. – Anisa

DSC_0003I know driving into Boston can intimidate some folks but it is very easy to get to the Legoland Discovery Center. It is directly off the highway. There will be a T stop on the orange line  sometime later this year and we all know its always more fun to ride the T.

I pulled up to Assembly Row with the three kids with so much excitement that we almost parked illegally.  It must have been Tessie the giant Lego giraffe that distracted us.

Once we got the parking situation handled we ran to the door.  A first sight is a  very colorful and bright room exploding with Lego decor. Again, its wicked awesome.DSC_0052

Admission is a bit of investment but covers all the fun inside: $18 for children ages 3 to 12 and $22.50 for children 13 and over.

Your adventure begins with a factory tour for some very important information by Bonnie and Bertie. After you are given the 411 you move on to build your own mini figure inside a futuristic circular room surrounded by super sized screens.

Here comes what I thought was the best attraction, Kingdom Quest Laser Ride ! DSC_0019WHOOO HOOO this was totally awesome. Hop into your chariot and get ready to laser blast the baddies. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to  rescue the princess.  My face is totally serious in this picture because I took this mission very seriously. Game face ON!  I got beaten by four children under the ages of 9. I am used to it.

The ride was over, and it was time to move on to the next Legoriffic room which was miniland.  Miniland is a replica of Boston built out of Legos. It is an interactive display filled with touch screens and sound effects.  Every Red Sox fan will delight in the Fenway Stadium of Legos!DSC_0024

Miniland opens up into a giant room with lots of different stations to enjoy the many ways you can play with Legos. Some of the play stations are Lego Racers Build and Test,  The Lego City Play Zone,  Lego 4D Cinema, The Lego Friends House, Merlins Apprentice Ride and for smaller children The Lego Duplo Farm.

This room is a wide open space so if you have more than one child it feels pretty safe to let them separate.  I bring four kids under 9 wherever I go so I have to be able to trust that any place we attend is safe. I jokingly said out loud that I lost a kid, she wasn’t really lost, and immediately a staff member said we have a procedure for that.

The first thing we noticed was the the super awesome fun  Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. Of course I only had one child big enough to ride by herself so if you do the math that leaves me with two other children who do not have a grown up to ride.  The dilemma was avoided when two wonderful staff members hopped on the ride with each one of my kids.

Around and around we went pedaling as fast as we could to get our seats to fly into the sky. There was nothing but big smiles all around, including this mommy’s smile. I guaranteed all the mommies and daddies will love this ride too.


Remember what I said about the giant room feelings safe, good thing because poof they were off.  Legoland Discovery Center Boston has an area to tailor to every child’s interest.

I had one child that ran to play in the adorable Lego Friend House

I had two that ran towards the Racers Build & Test.

And one that headed to straight to the bathroom. Isn’t that the way it always happens? The funny part is she loved the bathroom. Can you blame her?

A little while after the kids were done in their separate areas they all reconvened in the City Play Zone.  I tried to sneak in behind the kids but I was stopped. No grown ups allowed. Bummer.

Remember to bring socks, you can not play barefoot in the City Play Zone. If you do happen to forget then you can purchase a pair for $1.

There is a cute cafe located inside the main play room as well.  You may not bring outside food so be sure to eat before you go if you want to avoid having to purchase food.

The last attraction of the day for us was the 4D cinema. We saw Spell Breakers. The kids loved it, they were laughing and trying to grab the Legos that popped out of the screen.  I warn you you will get wet.

Some of us moms and dads, eh hem, still love to play. Legoland will be offering adult night each third Wednesday of the month starting in June. I wonder if they will let me in the City Play Zone then.

DSC_0051The kids and I agree  that everything is WICKED AWESOME at Legoland Discovery Center Boston. To ensure your visit at Legoland Discovery Center Boston (tickets do sell out!), purchase your tickets online prior to your visit here: Legoland Discovery Center Boston ticket.

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