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Family Adventure: Boston Duck Tour

I think I have maybe posted one or two photos on Instragram, ever.  I’m more of a Facebook gal.  But when the New England Aquarium posted their Instagra m photo contest to Facebook to celebrate World Oceans Day, I couldn’t resist the topic: Submit a picture that exemplified how your family “lived blue.”  I actually won with a picture of my daughter learning the basics of surfing on a paddleboard with the quote, you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. WOW! I never win anything.

Boston Duck Tour KidoinfoAlthough we have always wanted to go on the Boston Duck Tours for years, the cost of tickets (plus parking) is a bit expensive for our budget. So I was thrilled to have won the tickets for my entire family: The Duck Tour (a guided tour of Boston via land and sea) was AWESOME! The tour guide provides a history lesson for all the passengers while driving by the sites.  It’s a lesson that is an experience. It is so much more fun than just reading word for the kids.  We learned about historical events that took place as we passed by the events actual location. We learned about heroic figures such Paul Revere, Sam Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

Our tour started at The New England Aquarium which is located on what is considered Long Wharf.  It is a beautiful spot located on the Harbor. As soon as all the passengers are aboard and take a seat, the tour guide first lets us know that it is customary to quack at any other Duck Tour vehicles going by. Lucky for us parents, NOT, the children are handed these lovely plastic shaped beaks that quack.  The tour starts off on the road and takes the passengers all over the city of Boston.

Boston Duck Tour Kidoinfo-2

The kids were peaking their heads out of the side of the truck. It was such a gorgeous day with the sun shining and the breeze off of the Harbor. They were looking up at the tall buildings and trying taking in everything at once.

I was particularly excited that we drove by The Frog Pond because I have wanted to take the kids ice skating there. In the summer the Frog Pond has a wading pool and lots of events for the kids. I have never been to the Boston Commons so it was nice to drive around it and get an idea of the entire lay of the land. The Boston Common also offers lots of events and activities for families so be sure to check it out.

We drove by other sites such as the Massachusetts State House (old and new), The Boston Museum of Science, Quincy Market and a protected piece of the Berlin Wall. As we drove around you noticed lots of families walking and enjoying splashing in water fountains.

After the land part of the tour the vehicle entered the Charles River.  The kids were all smiles as the vehicle morphed from a land to sea vehicle.  Upon the Charles River we learned more history of the water ways and how it has evolved. All the children on the tour even got a chance to drive the boat! Our tour guide was exceptionally good with the children.

While on the Charles River we passed by the Community Boating center where we got a view of children during their sailing lessons and an unsuccessful windsurfer who lost his balance.  We quacked at other boaters going by. At the end of water tour we saw the spot which is to become The Charles River Skate Park which will be the biggest skate park in the US!

Our family loved the entire experience.

The Boston Duck Tour, albeit a bit pricey, is well worth the money. I would recommend it to any family who would like to take an adventure in Boston. I loved the “Dirty Water.”

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