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Family Dinner: The Lost Art

In today’s world families have become so busy, with both parents working, and children scheduled for countless school and athletic events that dinner time has all but disappeared.

Start the routine of your family dinners as soon as possible (even ten months old is not too early) and hang on for dear life! Families have become so busy, with both parents working, and children scheduled for countless school and athletic events, that dinner time has all but disappeared. It’s important to make family dinner a priority.

Benefits of eating with our kids:

  • Your young child’s speech development will flourish. Children learn about reciprocity by being part of the conversation. They will also learn the importance of eye contact and storytelling.
  • Table manners will be taught regularly and by modeling.
  • Setting and clearing the table will allow your children to be part of a family that works together.  Opportunities like this instill a sense of belonging.
  • Children who eat with their parents are more willing to try new foods. The meal becomes not about what they eat and more about connecting as a family.familydinner
  • As your kids grow older, more mature conversations will unfold at dinnertime. Through regular dinner conversation, even teens will feel comfortable sharing their highs and lows.
  • Don’t forget about good old-fashioned fun without technology, so other skills are being fostered and encouraged. (Make it a rule: no iPhones at the table!)

Learning good table manners and conversation skills are valuable, but children connecting with their parents everyday is a life changer.

My Favorite book –The Family Dinner by Laurie David

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  • When your kids are a little is more ease. when they growp up and college friendship activities and Dads not around get more difficult.
    but giving thanks for been together and 4 food is so important staying in memories for ever. if u loos it it will come back when u older and do same with U new Family
    pass it over. Candles and prayer laugh always stay
    U want to cheers again and again <3

  • Great article! I treasure my memories of our family dinners and did my best to continue that tradition with my son. It is difficult with all the sports and other afterschool activities, but even a few nights a week is great. Pass the carrots please.