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Family Matters: Handmade Cards & More

As holidays get closer, life gets more hectic. It’s okay to feel good about doing less and not feel guilty about not doing more.

Kido Tip 1. Prioritize the to-do list

This time of year I find a bit overwhelming with all the added events and activities going on. holiday cardI try to make a list of what I really want to do this season, adding special events to the calendar, picking off peak times to shop when possible and instead of buying gifts for everyone opting for group outings or family get togethers.  And since I cannot attend all the special happenings or have time to make everyone a gift I know there are some traditions I love and do want to make time for like makiing a book from the words in our advent calendar, baking some cookies and involving my kids in more community giving – now and into the New Year.

Kido Tip 2. Plan a holiday card.

Whether you send a holiday card out in December or send a New Year’s Card in January (Because of Kido Tip 1, we send our cards out in January) now’s the time to find an adorable photo of your child(ren) or schedule a professional or at-home photo shoot. If you’d rather not send a photo, buy ready-made or make your own. Scan/print one of your child’s drawings onto card stock. For one-of-a-kind creations, use old magazines to make collage cards for family and teachers.

Kido Tip 3. Community giving

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  • Regarding tip #1, I ask everyone in the family, “What activity/tradition/etc is really important to you this month?” This way, I’m not, say, forcing the cookie-making only to find out that my kids *really* wanted to do something that I had no idea about. (Turns out they both mentioned cookies as their #1, but you get the idea!) It makes sure that we all know what’s on everyone else’s really-want-to-do list, and that we all get to do at least our top pick. And if it turns out that really, nobody cares much about doing xyz and was just doing it because they thought everyone else wanted to, well, that’s important information to have!