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Family Matters: Making Home Libraries & More

With more snow on the way, there’s no better weekend than this one for a great family project, community events, and a shift in perspective. Here are three ways to make the most of your week. Kido Tip 1- Turn a bookshelf into mini library. Kido Tip 2 – Inaugural neighborhood events for Mayor Angel Taveras. Kido Tip 3 – Find the meaning in our mishaps.

With more snow on the way, there’s no better weekend than this one for a great family project. Enjoy Rhode Island’s season’s bounty!

Kido Tip 1. Turn a bookshelf into mini library

make a home libraryMy boys love books and have trouble parting with any of them. After getting new books for the holidays and a few boxes of books from a relative, books no longer fit on the bookshelf and are often found all over the house and stacked on top of their bookshelf. To manage the chaos, my boys and I made a project of sorting all the new and old books to create their own mini library. We cleared the bookshelves and divided the books into piles–to keep, to save (somewhere other than their bookcase), to give to their younger cousin and to donate to their school or a local shelter. The boys sorted the remaining books by category – action adventure, picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books. Once sorted they labeled the shelves. If your kids find they are in need of new books to read they may want to trade/lend their books with friends or stock up on books with a trip to Savers – full of books (many cost around $1) in slightly used/sometimes new condition.

Kido Tip 2. Inaugural neighborhood events for Mayor Angel Taveras

We welcome Mayor Angel Taveras as the first Hispanic Mayor of Providence and an excellent example of someone who has gone through the Providence Public School system and succeeded. To show his gratitude and commitment to education and improving Providence School’s for all kids he is hosting Inaugural Neighborhood events at the schools that he attended growing up as a child in the City of Providence. Events take place on Friday, January 7th. All events offer refreshments and are alcohol-free. Take your kids. This is a great opportunity to talk to them about about our community and local government. For schedule and details, click here.

Kido Tip 3. Find the meaning in our mishaps. Read full article on GoLocalProv.

Every week on GoLocalProv I share tips on how families can make the most of their family time – including helpful hints that make parenting easier and connecting you to great local happenings.

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