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Family Matters: Summer Family Parties + More

With the big excitement of the Fourth of July behind us, let’s get down to some old-fashioned summer fun, family style.

Kido Tip 1. Plan a farm meal

Visit a local farm or farmers market and plan a meal or picnic around the bounty. We love visiting the farmers market at Lippitt Park on Saturday mornings. This year my family has a community garden plot and although my kids do not like or eat all the vegetables out of the garden or from the market, they are learning to appreciate what it takes to grow our own food, try new foods and better understand different ways food gets to our table.

Kido Tip 2. Take a (day) trip

Plan to spend a day exploring somewhere new. Think city mouse and country mouse. If you live in Providence, take a hike in one Audubons’ 11 wildlife refuges or head to a beach you have never been to before. If you live in a rural part of the state, plan a trip to the city to visit a museum, stroll Thayer Street or hang out at Burnside Park in downtown Providence.

Kido Tip 3. Play with mud

Erin Barrett Goodman of exhale. return to center and Kidoinfo contributor, recently wrote about attending a Mud Party. This celebration demonstrates how a few simple ideas centered around a theme can result in a whole lot of kid fun!

The hostess offered a simple snack of bananas with almond butter on wooden sticks and invited the kids to make “mud party crowns.” Watering cans were available so kids could make their own mud puddles and to paint with. At the end of the party, clean off with a romp through the sprinkler or the hose.

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Photo Credit: Erin Barrett Goodman

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