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Family Matters: Thanksgiving Crafts for Tiny Turkeys

Here are a few fun Thanksgiving crafts to do with your little ones.

As the evenings grow darker and the holiday season rapidly approaches, here are a few fun Thanksgiving crafts to do with your little ones. They also make great ‘thank you’ treats for teachers and family members as well as festive table decorations. All of these crafts were found by browsing through Pinterest.


Thankful Turkey  (Create Craft Love)

An oldie but goodie!  There are so many variations of this craft using a floral sponge, fruit, pumpkin or pine cone in place of the yarn shown here.  This is an easy, interactive craft which is great for all ages and really gets you in the spirit of the holidays.

Whose drink is this?  (Parents)

A charming way to keep tabs on your drinks.  Having your guests/children write their names on the turkey feathers provides a lovely way of making sure your drink does not get lost in the mix.


Pilgrim hat and boat 

I love this novel idea for a table decoration/craft supply holder.  You could also supply a festive print out table mat for your guests to decorate.


Turkey Treat Holder (Decorating Files)

Yummy!  More snacks!  This time, tiny treats are stored in these pretty cones and labeled “Snacks to Gobble”.  I dare anyone not to come back for more!

Pine cone turkey

One of my favorites!  A craft that is cheap, fun to put together, adds decoration and an activity for children, all in one.  Also works great as a small gift for children to take home.

Fingerprint Corn (Spotted Canary)

What a great idea to have even the smallest family members involved in making decorations.  Made by dipping their tiny fingers into gooey paint (who doesn’t love that?) and then printing onto paper to make these delightful corn creations.

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