Family Matters: Watching Movies with Children

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Get to know your children through film. More often than we like to admit, parents use visual media (film) as a way to spend time away from their kids. We suggest parents use film as a reason to spend time with their kids. More than just a chance to spend a few hours together, this shared experience may lead to interesting discussions and discovery about the movie-making process, life, human behavior, and the consequences our actions have on our family, friends and the world around us.

With the help and advice from film-obsessed sons, we created a Family Movie Watching Guide with 5 Tips on how to make the most of movie time with your family. Read the complete Family Movie Watching guide here.

1. Involve your kids in the film selection. Give everyone an opportunity to see something they like or introduce them to something new.

2. Prepare your kids before the film. Discuss story/plot in advance. What is the movie about?

3. Watch films together. Watching movies with your kids is an experience you can share and it can be a launch pad for conversation. Plus: it’s fun.

4. Make connections. Is there something about the film that your kids can relate to? Maybe it was about an animal they love, Is it based on a book? Look for these as you watch together.

5. Ask your kids their opinions. Talk to your kids after the film. Ask them their opinions and share your own. You may be surprised at what insights they bring!

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