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Family Tradition: DIY Advent Calendar

Our DIY Word Advent Calendar has become one of my family’s favorite holiday traditions. I made the envelopes ages ago and now only swap out the words every couple of years to keep up with the my boys’ growing vocabulary.


Although I’m reusing our word calendar, there are so many other Advent options out there. Here’s some other cool ideas I found while surfing Pinterest.

d48b839bf5afb8d80e8dabbf8588f1aeBook Tree Advent from pinlavie
Wrapped (or un-wrapped books) count down the days of December.

advent-2DIY Letter Writing Advent Calendar from the merry thought
Each day holds the name of your postcard recipient.

advent+calender+2009Count Down Calendar from maya made
Made from recycled cardboard tubes.

778650295a7c4cbbe1c68db9f35ba85ePaper Bag and Chalkboard Advent Calendar from most lovely things

AdventCalendar1Advent Calendar Blocks from saved by love creations
A picture surprise awaits on the other side!

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