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Farewell Domino and Wondertime


Sad news that two of my favorite magazines are closing; Wondertime (a fabulous parenting resource) and Domino (a funky design magazine).  Although I am an online publisher I love spending time off-line curling up with a glossy, full-color magazine and a hot cup of tea. I tend to save my back issues to peruse again and before I recycle or craft with the others I clip my favorite articles for design ideas, parenting tips and fresh inspiration for my everyday life.

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  • Hi–just wanted to say, some of the editors and I (a writer for WT) saw your post and appreciated it, and loved that comment by Anisa. If any of you Facebook, I’ve started a group called I Want My Wondertime–because we’re not all going down this easily! Things are still in the works, but joining the Facebook group would be the best way to be sure to hear more.

  • Domino Subscriptions

    The now defunct Domino was published by Condé Nast Magazines. To all of you who just renewed you can receive a full refund on any unmailed copies by calling 1-877-356-9904 or ask to receive another Condé Nast Magazine in its place.


  • I just subscribed to Domino a couple months ago. Will they reimburse or anything, I wonder? I liked the mag. It had a different approach to design that was inclusive.

  • what is going on in the publishing world? “home companion” is now gone and my subscription is being turned over to martha stewart living, which, believe it or not, i am not into. “creative home” is wrapping up and so is “country home.” i am also a tea-drinkin’ magazine relaxer. thank goodness for the blogs!

  • I just heard about Wondertime a couple of weeks ago. I am SO bummed. Wondertime is by far my favorite parenting magazine! (One of my writing goals was to be published in Wondertime.)

    I totally hear you about a magazine and a cup of tea, Anisa. I love all my online resources but nothing beats a good book or magazine, a comfy chair and some time to get lost in the pages.

    Sigh. So what else is out there for us to read?

  • It’s amazing to me that there aren’t better kid’s magazines available. I’ve tried them all — still get Cookie, Family Fun, and Kids National Geographic. Most suffer from being too frumpy. What we need, clearly, is a Kidoinfo Magazine, where crafty and hip meets kids and info!

  • Oh, no. Wondertime was my favorite. It was the Dansko-wearing person’s Cookie. I had no idea they were in peril.

    Domino I can do without–I always enjoyed reading it, but then felt queasy afterwards. That magazine had no soul.